"NYU grad and onetime classical piano prodigy pulls off convincingly emotive and full-throated early-Mariah-style r&b on her Second Guesses debut. And as a bonus, she writes all her own songs."

   -- Chuck Eddy, Village Voice (March 2005)


"Too good for radio? Small wonder that we haven't heard Michelle Albano on the radio yet. The 25-year-old from Melville has released a terrific debut disc called "Second Guesses," which is filled with well-crafted, piano-based pop anchored by her appealing, soulful voice..."

   -- Rafer Guzmán, Newsday (September2005)


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"Singer/songwriter/pianist Michelle Albano presents a complete package with her Second Guesses album. Good looks, a terrific voice, and a knack for commercial-sounding radio-friendly songs such as 'Enough' should whet A&R's appetite. 'Your Imagination' has an elusive hook, but just as much sass and conviction. 'Painting By Numbers' allows the performer's classical training to ooze forth. Albano's vibe is akin to Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton."

**Michelle was also selected to be in Music Connection's Top 25 Demos of 2005 in their December 2005 issue.


   -- Music Connection (December 2005)


"Michelle Albano's 11-track debut serves as a perfect introduction into the world of this talented singer, songwriter and musician. (Her) strength and passion makes Second Guesses a musical treat for the ears, heart and soul."

   -- Dan Brown, Good Times Magazine (March 2005)

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"Good original piano rock is hard to come by, and a powerful yet innocent female piano rocker is even rarer. The range of Michelle Albano's 11 track debut album, Second Guesses, really puts her on the map of growing artists. While most pop artists find and abuse clichés (particularly romantic ones), Michelle makes her own unique, original words shine in a very radio friendly way. Her original songwriting and rock-solid band give her a unique position in the NYC music scene as the professional quality of her music certainly deserves some mainstream attention."

   -- Corey J. Feldman, Cityzen.tv (April 2005)

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"Her album Second Guesses, a radial debut, brings the listener a complete set of soulful piano-pop-rock with a pinch of R&B that will make you wonder where Vonda Shepard went to hide and why can't you stop bobbing your head, stumped by how that voice can come out of a young woman with a model smile."

   -- Marco Nieves, Soundaffects.net (May 2005)

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"Michelle is a New York-based songwriter who is classically-trained, and just plain classy. Her new album Second Guesses is timeless, piano-based personal music in the tradition of Carole King, but with a smoky, R&B-flavored spin. It's very New York, if that makes any sense. My favorite track is probably "Painting by Numbers", which is just piano and vocal; but making a stripped-down track sound engaging is a testament to good songwriting. There is something about the melody in this song that is both whimsical and melancholy. It's got some Broadway-esque notes to it, or maybe something out of Billy Joel's The Stranger. Interestingly, the lyrics are about artistic compromises - and the choice to not make them. It's obvious on which side of the line Michelle Albano stands."

   -- Live 365 Station (April 2005)


"Michelle Albano, a singer, pianist and songwriter from New York City, has released her debut album, "Second Guesses." The CD contains 11 tracks of R&B, pop and rock infused with smart lyrics, soulful vocals, and hooky melodies."

   -- Dean Balsamini, Staten Island Advance (April 2005)

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"Painting by Numbers" - I was struck by this track, which is apparently about dissatisfaction with people within the music industry trying to shoehorn her into a certain image or trying to change her music so it's more mareketable. It didn't stand out because the subject matter is revolutionary, but because these lyrics were laid upon a piano ballad that sounds like it would fit in perfectly as a change of pace on the radio or as bumper music on a WB show or on the soundtrack to a romantic comedy."

   -- Jeff Regulon, obscuredetails.com

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